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idgard: Certification in the highest TCDP protection class

With idgard certification in accordance with TCDP (protection class 3), you have it proved: as an idgard user, you fulfill all data protection requirements for contract data processing in the cloud and comply with all monitoring obligations. The certificate also serves as legal proof – after all, safe is safe.


TCDP Certification

Independent and reliable certifications are necessary in order to obtain a statement about the quality and characteristics of a cloud service and all downstream processes such as security, infrastructure, availability and more. A TCDP certificate makes it much easier for companies to fulfill their control obligations in the context of commissioned data processing. What’s more, it proves that the necessary security is in place.

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Independent certification

The independent TCDP certification confirms that your data is in best hands at idgard: TÜViT (TÜV Nord) audited idgard for the first time in 2016 according to the TCDP requirements catalog and confirmed our first-class security level with a certificate of the highest TCDP protection class (protection class 3). Another advantage for you: this proof makes it much easier to document the data protection compliance of your processing operations as required by the European GDPR and the Swiss nDSG

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Basis of the TCDP:

This data protection certificate is based on the Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile developed in 2015 – a catalog of requirements based on the recognized ISO/IEC 27018 standard, which expands the ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002 standards to include specific requirements in the area of cloud and data protection. TCDP also takes into account the standards of ISO/IEC 27017 and fulfills all data protection requirements for commissioned processing in the cloud.

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Significance in the context of the EU General Data Protection Regulation:

TCDP is a certification procedure that can prove compliance with the requirements of GDPR for data processing.

“Following the development of a corresponding test standard and certification procedure, certifications in accordance with TCDP are to be converted into certificates in accordance with a GDPR standard for cloud services, as provided for in the rules of procedure for certifications in accordance with TCDP.”

* Source:

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According to the international data protection standard for cloud computing, ISO/IEC 27018:2014, the certificate means:

+ Technical and organizational measures ensure that data cannot be used, modified or deleted without authorization.

+ The measures correspond to the state of the art.

+ idgard can detect if unauthorized access or misuse is attempted.

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For companies, this certificate following the Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile means:

+The certification of the idgard service according to TCDP in protection class 3 makes it much easier to document the data protection compliance of your processing operations as required by the GDPR.

+ The decisive security criteria for cloud computing have been met.

+ With protection class 3, the control obligations required by data protection laws are fulfilled even for data with high protection requirements.

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Trust Seal

In addition to certificates, there are also so-called trust seals. These are seals of approval that confirm that a website or application is trustworthy and meets certain quality or security standards. The trust seals, which are usually awarded by an independent party, can cover various aspects – whether data security, data protection, quality assurance or compliance with certain industry standards. However, the seals are often only based on a self-declaration – a more detailed examination by the independent company often does not take place. In this respect, they differ from the certificates.

Overview of all idgard certificates, memberships and awards:



idgard is certified by TÜViT with the Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile (TCDP) in the highest protection class 3 for cloud services due to its innovative Sealed Cloud Technology. The data protection certification based on the Trusted Cloud data protection profile was developed in 2015, a catalogue of requirements based on recognized standards (e.g. ISO 27018). It fulfills all data protection requirements for commissioned processing in the cloud.


Quality seals

Security made in Germany

idgard was one of the first cloud services to be awarded the TeleTrusT seal “IT Security made in Germany” by Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. It confirms idgard’s compliance with German and European data protection laws.



Chip Digital Innovator 2024

The computer magazine Chip has awarded idgard | uniscon the “Digital Innovator 2024” award. The study is based on initial applications for patents in the area of digital innovations and the prize is awarded annually. idgard has already received the award before.

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Capterra is the world’s leading platform for software reviews with more than one million verified user ratings. idgard received excellent 4.7 out of 5 stars in the category “File Sharing Software”.

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The IT-magazine “com! Professional” gave idgard an overall rating of 1.5 (“very good”). Read the complete review here: Uniscon idgard im Test – com! Professional (

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Technology Fast 50

Uniscon GmbH, a TÜV SÜD subsidiary, was awarded the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award. The rankings are based on the percentage growth in turnover over the last four business years. Uniscon was able to achieve growth of 1,997 percent. Its Sealed Cloud technology contributed significantly to this growth in turnover.

Fast 50 Award

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Certifications of our data centers

You are on the safe side with idgard data centers, as they can boast of a wide range of certifications. For example, our data centers are operated in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001:2015 and EN 50600, covering the topics of “information security”, “quality management” and “construction and operation of secure data centers”. Such certificates from independent bodies prove that a cloud service offers the required level of protection and also allow users to compare different providers.

The complete overview of all idgard data center certificates can be found here.

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