idgard Features: Secure File Sharing & more

Cloud collaboration made safely.

Experience secure cloud collaboration that enhances your workflow with idgard. As a comprehensive data room, secure file sharing, and collaboration tool all in one, idgard provides you with an effortless and intuitive online collaboration experience that accelerates your processes and boosts efficiency, all while maintaining top-notch security. Discover the extensive features and benefits of idgard today.

Secure Data transfer

Manage, share, and store files with complete security

User Management

Saving & sharing data

idgard cloud data

Upload documents to the cloud and share them with your team โ€“ all secure.

Sync data

idgard icon - Sync Data

Work offline with synchronised data across all your devices.

Secure email attachments

idgard icon Email-Security

Send large files using a secure, password-protected link.

Individual user permissions

idgard icon Person

Edit access permissions for each user and lock documents for zero access. The clear design of the idgard user management interface allows you to concentrate fully on your tasks and takes the pressure off your IT.

Cloud Collaboration

Tools to ensure seamless workflow and best performance

Messages & Chat

idgard icon conversation

Communicate with your team via text and voice messages. Securely send and receive both photos and videos.

Shared data storage

idgard icon document

All documents in one place; access shared folders when collaborating with external parties.

Mobile data access

idgard icon Mobile Access

Stay productive and in touch with your team on the go with the app, without sacrificing data security.

Appointment and coordination tool

idgard icon - Timer

Support your team with smart organisational tools to make the right decisions more quickly and easily.

Virtual Data room

Highest protection for sensitive data and documents

Audit-proof documentation

idgard icon Eyes

All activities in a data room are documented and can therefore be tracked at any time.

Conference folder

idgard icon Folder

Create conference folders as a PDF for your partners โ€“ including voting and commenting features.

Prevent unwanted sharing

idgard icon Exchange

Stay in control of your documents with watermarks, reading access, and notifications on bulk download.

Watermarks mark PDF documents and thus help to counteract unwanted distribution. Similarly, the “View Only” mark prevents the download of an original document by making the document available only for viewing in the integrated PDF viewer.

Individual edit permissions

idgard icon Person

Simple setup of permissions for each user, also via Active Directory and OpenLDAP.

More features & services

  • Two-factor login with TOTP
  • Two-factor login with SMS
  • Sealed antivirus program
  • Sealed backup
  • Customization with company logo
  • Adaptation of the web interface to CI
  • Custom email templates
  • Individual login page
  • Integrated learning platform
  • Virtual product tours
  • 24/7 customer support via phone & email
  • Online training
  • On-site customer service

Plans & prices for every company

15 โ‚ฌ
per user/month Try it for free
  • Secure PrivacyBoxes
  • Read access for non-idgard-users via Box link
  • Two-factor authentication
19 โ‚ฌ
per user/month Try it for free
  • Secure PrivacyBoxes
  • Virtual Data Room with journal function
  • Sealed Antivirus for secure virus check of files
Contact Sales โ‚ฌ
per user/month Contact Sales
  • Secure PrivacyBoxes
  • Virtual Data Room with journal function
  • Conference folder for committee and board communication