Secure data transfer

Share files. Not secrets.

With idgard, you share files internally and externally so securely and GDPR-compliant that even idgard has zero access.

Why idgard?

Secure data and the future of your company.

Sensitive processes such as due diligence, board communication or committee work have high protection requirements that public clouds cannot meet. With idgard, secure digital collaboration is finally possible.



see the guarantee of data protection as the greatest security advantage of cloud services compared to on-premises solutions.

Source: Studie Cloud Security 2021



of the companies want cloud compliance to be guaranteed for EU GDPR.

Source: Studie Cloud Security 2021



want the servers located in the legal territory of the EU.

Source: Cloud-Monitor 2021

Your benefits

No more worrying about security, just a clear mind for your business.


Your data stays in Germany

We operate our servers exclusively in Germany. As a result, your data is subject to German data protection law.


Nobody has access, not even idgard

End-to-end encryption is not enough for us. Thanks to the Sealed Cloud, even idgard is excluded from data access.


Easy to use without training

idgard is intuitive to use and can be used immediately via the browser without installation and prior knowledge.


Adapts flexibly to workflows

Thanks to a seamless integration, you can continue to work with your usual programs as before. Just safer and easier.

Secure email attachments

Less in your mailbox is more.

Safe instead of overloaded. Simply share files in emails via encrypted links. This is legally compliant and saves mailbox storage.

Sync data

Relax and work offline.

Offline mode allows you to synchronise all your devices and enables you to access your data at any time even without an internet connection.

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Mobile access

Access wherever you go.

Protected access to your data via app or browser that allows you to work securely and flexibly from anywhere.

“With idgard, we can offer our staff and clients a secure and uncomplicated online platform for document provision. The service can be used with any browser without additional installations. idgard meets our high standards of data security and data protection.“

“We use idgard primarily for committee and board communication. There is no need for time-consuming software installations. The extensive range of services makes it very easy to use.“

“idgard offers our employees the opportunity to quickly establish a communication channel with customers. Documents can be easily provided, absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.”

The safest cloud from and in Germany 

TÜV-tested, highest TCDP protection class, EU-DSGVO-compliant our Sealed-Cloud-Technology, which protects the entire idgard platform, has been developed to meet the highest demands. Find out more about our security concept in our whitepaper.

Frequently asked questions

How does data exchange with idgard work between companies?

You can add an existing idgard user to any Privacy Box (the shared cloud repository) by sharing the Privacy Box with the relevant user. If the user does not yet have an idgard account, you can assign a guest license and add the user to the respective box. If you have created a user with a guest license, send them the link for their registration. The user creates their own login data when registering. To be able to create a guest license user, you need at least a full license and the authorization to create a guest.

What is the difference between an administrator, a full license and a guest license?

Admin License

Each full license can have administration rights from an administrator. In the self-service mode, each administrator can book additional full and guest licenses as well as data rooms and issue full licenses to employees as well as guest licenses.

Full license

All internal employees receive a full license and can use all functions: create boxes, upload and download documents, write messages, chat and create their own PrivacyBoxes and invite guests with a guest license. A full license user can use all clients and be integrated into Active Directory / LDAP.

Guest license

Guest licenses are usually given to external partners or customers for secure data exchange. A guest license user can exercise all functions in the boxes to which he has been invited (individually adjustable rights management for each box). Guest license users cannot create their own boxes and cannot assign guest licenses themselves. Guest licenses cannot be assigned via LDAP/EMS. Without a fixed license, a so-called reading link / one-time access to a box can also be granted via the “Share” function. In this case, files from a box can only be downloaded by the recipient. However, the recipient cannot upload any documents to the box himself or communicate with the sender. Read access is intended for secure one-way transmission of documents, but not for sustained communication.

Does idgard comply with General Data Protection Regulation?

idgard is a German company based, developed and hosted in Germany. We are therefore subject to the strict German data protection regulations and guarantee the highest level of data protection. Our data centers also meet the highest security standards.