M&A-Transaktionen, Steuer- und Betriebsprüfungen, Jahresabschlüsse oder Marktanalysen? Nie mehr ohne idgard! Starten Sie die Due-Diligence-Prüfung in wenigen Klicks
Virtual Data Room for Due Diligence

Optimize Due Diligence Processes through Highly Secure Data Rooms

Streamlined due diligence, seamlessly digitized. Experience the idgard virtual data room, your key to a highly secure and intelligent solution for thoroughly assessing businesses or projects before pivotal decisions and transactions. Your sensitive data is always processed with utmost protection, ensuring unauthorized access is off-limits. Minimize risks and maximize opportunities – effortlessly, securely, and all in one place.

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How a Data Room Simplifies Your Due Diligence

Complex Due Diligence
Made Easy

M&A transactions, tax and compliance audits, financial statements, or market analyses? Never be without idgard again! Witness how a virtual data room redefines due diligence. Whether you’re scrutinizing finances, taxes, real estate, IT and tech, HR, environmental aspects, or economic crime – idgard’s data room is your key to making informed decisions.
From seamless collaboration to secure storage and precise analysis – your data is safeguarded at every step of the process. Even idgard has no access to your data. Through intelligent tools, information exchange is simplified without compromising security, team communication is optimized, and the risk of data breaches is significantly reduced.

Easy Setup

Start Due Diligence
with a Few Clicks


Quick Data Room Setup


The data room for highly secured communication can be set up in just a few clicks, requiring no prior expertise.

Storing & Sharing Data


Effortless secure file sharing: Seamlessly upload and safeguard your documents in the cloud data room, sharing them securely with your team. Anytime, anywhere.

Customized user rights


For each team member, you can individually manage access and permissions and lock specific documents.

Throughout the Due Diligence process

Make Efficient Decisions
with Smart Tools


Simplified Communication

Communicate with your team easily, securely, and directly through text and voice messages.

Appointment and Survey Tool

Easily reach a consensus on a schedule or conduct surveys within your team – even anonymously.

Mobile Data Access

Conduct your due diligence examination on the go and stay connected with your team using the mobile apps, all without compromising data security.


Analyze with utmost Security from the Start


Authorized Access only

Strong encryption and two-factor authentication prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Distribution Protection

Maintain control over your documents with watermarks, read-only files, and notifications for bulk downloads.

Audit-Proof Documentation

All activities in the data room are securely recorded in the journal and can be tracked at any time.

Make your board room digital highly efficient with idgard

Make Sound Decisions with Secure Virtual Data Rooms.

  • Save time and ressources

    By utilizing a virtual data room, you can swiftly and efficiently exchange sensitive information with your team, saving valuable time and ensuring adherence to tight schedules.

  • Efficient flow of information

    A virtual data room is a central, secure space in the cloud for all documents and data needed during due diligence. This ensures that all necessary information is readily available to all stakeholders at any time.

  • Enhanced coordination

    A virtual data room allows various internal and external teams to collaborate effectively, regardless of location or mobility, facilitating smooth information exchange. This enhances the coordination of your due diligence examinations, ensuring that all teams are consistently on the same page.

  • Simplified international collaboration

    A virtual data room simplifies international transactions. In addition to location-independent collaboration in the cloud, clear folder structures, features such as commenting, and individual language settings contribute to streamlining international communication among diverse teams.

idgard means security

Simple. Secure.

Group 254

Your data stays in Germany in full GDPR compliance

We operate our servers exclusively in Germany. As a result, your data is subject to German data protection laws and fully compliant with GDPR.


Quick to setup, easy to use

idgard is easy and intuitive to use through your browser without installation or prior knowledge – and it’s highly secure.


Nobody has access, not even idgard

End-to-end encryption is not enough for us. Thanks to the Sealed Cloud, even idgard is excluded from data access.


Patented Sealed Cloud with highest level of security

Our internationally patented Sealed-Cloud-Technology offers the highest level of protection for your data, even during processing.

idgard is a TÜV Süd company
with the highest level of security certifications
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Examine thoroughly with idgard and Microsoft Teams

The app seamlessly integrates idgard into Microsoft Teams, allowing you to open, share, and send files for your due diligence examination in a data protection-compliant manner, all without leaving your familiar MS Teams environment. Your workflow remains the same, now enhanced with the security of idgard.

  • Auditing
  • Financial
  • Public Services

“With its audit-proof data rooms, idgard enables a comfortable exchange of documents for external communication with our clients. Thanks to the technical sealing, the service is also suitable for professional secrecy holders.”


Oliver Starzonek

Chief Financial Officer

“idgard offers our employees the opportunity to quickly establish a communication channel with customers. Documents can be easily provided, absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.


Jörn Winzen

IT Project Lead

“The numerous configuration options allow for a tailor-made adjustment to the application and safe use even when different security needs to be taken into account. It’s easy and user-friendly. Service and support are truly remarkable.”


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