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idgard Business | Secure Cloud computing for small businesses

Uplift your business to the highest security level in just a few clicks.

Elevate your small business with idgard Business, your No. 1 security partner. Optimize your team’s collaboration with this secure cloud solution that seamlessly integrates even with professions bound by confidentiality. Discover how idgard Business can take your work to the next level today.

Why secure cloud computing?

Make maximum security the Standard in your company.

Secure cloud computing solutions are essential for smooth digital workflows in businesses today. With idgard, your team can even work with sensitive data in the cloud. This is ensured by our three pillars of security: patented Sealed Cloud Technology, independent certifications and operation in modern high security data centers. Data security is ensured at all times through the use of encrypted data transmissions, security standards compliant with the GDPR, and a server location in Germany. As a professional business cloud solution, idgard offers extensive features for efficient and secure digital collaboration, no matter where your team is located.



of companies rely on cloud applications, providing greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness to businesses.

Source: Cloud Monitor 2021



are primarily concerned about unauthorised access to sensitive company data.

Source: Cloud-Monitor 2021



make sure that the data centers are located in the legal territory of the EU.

Source: Cloud-Monitor 2021

Benefits for your small business

Easy. Secure. idgard.

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Your data stays in Germany

We operate our servers exclusively in Germany. As a result, your data is subject to German data protection law.

idgard icon easy

Easy to use without training

idgard is intuitive to use and can be used immediately via the browser without installation and prior knowledge.

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Nobody has access, not even idgard

End-to-end encryption is not enough for us. Thanks to the Sealed Cloud, even idgard is excluded from data access.

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Secure the competitive advantage

Gain the trust of your customers and clients by protecting your entire work collaboration with idgard.

Easy setup

Security that is set up fast and simple

Setting up idgard is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to the hassle of installation and the need for an IT expert – with idgard, you can effortlessly implement the platform in your organization on your own. The registration and onboarding process is thoughtfully designed to be exceptionally user-friendly, enabling you to start using the secure cloud computing solution in just a matter of minutes.

Efficient teamwork

Security that increases your team productivity

idgard is the ultimate solution for secure cloud computing that takes your business’s workflow and team collaboration to the next level. The platform offers an impressive array of intelligent tools, such as a virtual data room, customizable link sharing, and multi-device accessibility, ensuring effortless and streamlined collaboration. With idgard, you and your team can work productively, efficiently, and most importantly, with complete confidence in the security of your data.

Maximum protection for your data

Security that enables cloud-based work with sensitive data

idgard is the secure cloud computing solution that lets professionals entrusted with confidentiality and secrecy obligations work effortlessly while exchanging documents with complete confidence. Its patented Sealed Cloud technology ensures that file sharing and collaboration across organizational boundaries are entirely secure while fully complying with all privacy regulations. idgard makes it simple for small businesses to work and share documents beyond their organizations, making it the premier solution for seamless and secure collaboration.

  • Auditing
  • Finance
  • Public Sector

“With its audit-proof data rooms, idgard enables a comfortable exchange of documents for external communication with our clients. Thanks to the technical sealing, the service is also suitable for professional secrecy holders.”


Oliver Starzonek

Chief Financial Officer

“idgard offers our employees the opportunity to quickly establish a communication channel with customers. Documents can be easily provided, absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.


Jörn Winzen

IT Project Lead

“The numerous configuration options allow for a tailor-made adjustment to the application and safe use even when different security needs to be taken into account. It’s easy and user-friendly. Service and support are truly remarkable.”

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