Certified security. Developed and operated in Germany.

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Always put your data where it belongs: in safety.

With our patented and tested Sealed Cloud technology, idgard meets the strictest security and data protection requirements for a cloud service and can therefore be used in regulated industries with sensitive content.


EU-GDPR compliant

idgard meets the requirements of EU data protection and therefore is suitable for all industries which work with private data.

Ihre Daten bleiben in Deutschland

Your data stays in Germany

We operate our servers exclusively in Germany. As a result, your data is subject to German data protection law.

Höchster Sicherheitsstandard

Authorised access only

End-to-end encryption is not enough for us. Thanks to the Sealed Cloud, even idgard is excluded from data access.

Keiner hat Zugriff, auch nicht idgard

Easy to use without training

idgard is intuitive to use and can be used immediately via the browser without installation and prior knowledge.

Sicherheit idgard
Sealed Cloud

The patented 360° security concept

The heart of idgard is our internationally patented security technology Sealed Cloud (EP 238964). It goes far beyond end-to-end encryption: sealed protection during transfer, storage and processing of your data. Even idgard also has zero access to your files.

Sicherheit 04

Security on your device

Strong user authentication

2-factor authentication

Protection against cloud providers

Secure view of your documents in idgard that are not synced to insecure services like iCloud, Google Drive etc.

Secure offline access of the documents

Encrypted storage of downloaded files and intelligent data deletion.

In-App PDF Viewer

No forwarding to external PDF-viewers. User data remains in the app, even when you view and edit it.


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Security in architecture

Encryption & key distribution

  • End-to-end encryption for data transfer
  • Encryption with the latest technology
  • User data is individually encrypted. idgard has no access.
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Security against attacks from internal and external threats

Against attacks from outside (perimeter protection)

  • Hardening of the server operating systems
  • Electro-mechanical monitoring of all systems on doors

Against Attacks from within (data clean-up)

  • Unencrypted data is processed exclusively in data clean-up areas (without persistent storage)
  • In case of physical access, servers are switched off for data deletion (data clean-up)
Sicherheit 01
Benefits of the Sealed Cloud

idgard and the Sealed Cloud, a unique protection

Physical protection

Tamper-proof physical and logical encapsulation of the entire platform

Durchgängiger Schutz

Schutz der Anwendungs- und Metadaten während der Verarbeitung, Übertragung und Speicherung

Kontrollierter Schutz

Schutz vor internen und externen Angriffen durch Zero Privileged Access und Whitelisting


Sealed Cloud, weil Verschlüsselung nicht sicher genug ist.

Erfahren Sie in unserer Broschüre mehr über unsere einzigartige, TÜV-geprüfte Sicherheitstechnologie.